Our Strategic Goals

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The mission of Operation Compass is to create new technology to further enable service providers in the human trafficking industry, educate communities about human trafficking, and provide those communities with a safe, reliable and anonymous method of reporting suspected instances of human trafficking.

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Please reach out to us if you have a group, any size, who would like to learn more about human trafficking and our programs.

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Please consider supporting one of our programs: educating the community, keeping our technology up to date and creating new technology to further enable service providers in the human trafficking industry.

Our Story

We are proud of our origins and want to make sure you can see all of our progress as it is happening!



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We were so honored to be interviewed by Noelle Walker and her team at our local Dallas/Fort Worth NBC affiliate. During the first segment, while our founder was sitting in the studio waiting to participate in a Facebook chat with viewers, we received a suspected instance through our mobile application. Once the the segment aired we have had a 100% increase in the number of downloads of the mobile application!

The following facebook chat was estimate to last 15 minutes and ended up lasting over an hour and a half! We are so thankful to Tonya Stafford and her amazing organization, It’s Going to Be Okay, for participating in this segment with us!