Community Forum

Please join us for a community forum event that focuses on Human Trafficking. When posts on the topic of human trafficking started showing up on the Facebook page of Tanglewood Moms we wanted to create an opportunity for parents to ask questions regarding this topic. Information and education will help parents identify potential instances of human trafficking and deter fear or anxiety on this topic. We are excited for this opportunity to host a conversation with Mosaic Family Services and Melissa Ice from The Net.

Together we will provide an educational presentation on what human trafficking looks like and the best way to report it. This event will be held at One Safe Place on September 20, 2016 from 7pm-8:30pm. Please RSVP at Eventbrite in order to attend. This will help us ensure we have resources for everyone!

As the founder of Operation Compass, a human trafficking non-profit organization that helps create technology to fight human trafficking. I have heard stories about victims of human trafficking on a regular basis. Some stories have stuck with me more than others, not because they are worse than others, but because they are compounded by the ages of the victim. One friend shared a story about a young girl—a girl so young that she was still in pigtails—whose parents sold her as a sex worker to help the family pay rent and bills. Human Trafficking is real and while it doesn’t seem like it can happen in our own backyards, it does. In fact, Texas is second in the country for human trafficking cases. Victims come from all walks of life regardless of economic status.

Thank you!

Tanglewood Moms, Operation Compass, Mosaic Family Services, and The NET.